Learn a positive view and approach to conflict as an opportunity to clarify various perspectives and engage the team in productive problem-solving, with the ultimate goal of helping the child succeed in their education. You will explore potential conflicts for OT, PT and Speech Practitioners in school-based practice. Sue will also discuss resources for resolving conflicts, such as federal and state laws and regulation, state practice acts and licensure requirements, AOTA, APTA and ASHA Codes of Ethics , and your local district's policies and procedures. Sue will walk you through a practical 5-Step Conflict Resolution Model to help you prepare and resolve conflicts in your next IEP meeting. Finally, you will receive guidance when deciding your goal for conflict resolution (e.g., accommodation, collaboration, compromise, control, or avoidance). Multiple familiar case scenarios will be utilized to help you apply what you learned. Closed Captioned in English

You will leave the course with the Apply EBP Conflict Resolution Toolkit which includes: The 5 Practical Steps to Conflict Resolution Worksheet and Guide; Conflict Resolution Resources

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