DCD Interventions 2

This course will demonstrate the application of 6 Evidence-informed Practical Strategies that therapists can use to help children with Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) gain motor skills to perform and participate in meaningful activities, such as ADLs, play and leisure and in their schooling. Immerse yourself in a video series of Patti’s virtual sessions helping a child with DCD work on fine motor (handwriting) and gross motor (cartwheel…yes, a cartwheel!) skills, as she demonstrates the 6 Strategies. Patti will also discuss lessons from these virtual sessions that you can bring to your in-person services. Download Patti’s 6 Strategies Cheat Sheet and apply them right away! 

BONUS: PRACTICAL TOOLKIT - Cheat Sheet: 6 Strategies for DCD Intervention

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  DCD Interventions 2
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Developmental Coordination Disorder Interventions 2

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What therapists say about Patti's courses

This was an amazing course. I feel like I will be able to apply these strategies with more than just my DCD kids. I appreciated all of the research that was behind the approaches presented.

- PT with 11 years experience

I really appreciate the CO-OP approach explanation and the articles with the information about DCD and "Green light" approaches.

- OT with 19 years experience

I see many students with DCD... The 'uncoordinated' and 'poor motor planners' are quite common. I really enjoyed the break down of information about NTT and CO-OP and how you may use a different approach according to the student's reaction/preference.

- PT with 21 years experience

INSTRUCTOR: Patti Sharp, OTD, MS, OTR/L is a certified CO-OP Instructor, and OT at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC). She co-leads the Developmental Coordination Disorder Community of Practice at CCHMC. She is an adjunct instructor at the University of Cincinnati. She works with children and youth with DCD, ASD, CP, SCI, TBI, orthopedic and neurologic injuries, and developmental delay. She also previously worked in neurorehabilitation and burn units. Patti is excited to share her passion for evidence-based practices with her therapy colleagues.

AUDIENCE: OTs, PTs, OTAs, PTAs, and Educators


PREREQUISITE: Knowledge of the screening, assessment and identification of children with possible DCD in accordance with the DSM-5. If you do not possess this knowledge, watch DCD-Assessment.


At the completion of the course, the learner is expected to:

  1. Select 2 strategies that is supported by evidence for teaching motor skills for children with DCD
  2. Identify 2 key characteristics of at least 1 evidence-informed strategy for teaching motor skills for children with DCD
  3. Determine the application of 2 strategies on a given case study of a child with DCD  who is learning a skill in ADL, play, education and other meaningful areas


  • Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) Review
  • Evidence for Application via Virtual Services
  • Video Series Case Studies: Applying the 6 Strategies to Fine Motor and Gross Motor Skills
  • Lessons to Bring into In-Person Services
  • Post-test: 10-item multiple choice. 70% correct answers required to receive a certificate


1.5 continuing education hours of training are awarded to learners who complete this course.

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Learners must watch the video and complete course requirements, including scoring 70% or higher in the post-test to receive a certificate. Three (3) post-test retakes are allowed; if you exceed this limit, please email us.


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