Emergency Evacuation Planning for Students with Disabilities

Are you in need of guidance on the roles of related services in supporting emergency evacuation plans for students with disabilities? 

In this seminar, Karen will discuss the 3 steps for planning and implementing evacuation plans for students with disabilities. In the first step, you will learn to identify and create profiles for students and classrooms that have unique evacuation needs. In step 2, Karen will describe the creation of an evacuation plan. This includes the identification of personnel who will take part in the emergency evacuation team and environmental considerations to select evacuation routes and areas of refuge. Karen will show you and compare the pros and cons of carry-type, track-type, and sled-type devices, to guide you and your team in deciding the right equipment for your student. In step 3, Karen will discuss the training of the whole school for lifting, carrying, and efficient emergency response. Finally, she will discuss special considerations and strategies for blind/visually impaired, deaf/hard of hearing and autistic students, as well as students with complex disabilities.

Leave the course with strategies, resources, and an organized approach for planning and implementing evacuation plans for your students!

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