Incorporating Self-Determination into Your Pediatric Practice

Are your pediatric clients reliant on prizes or adults to be motivated to accomplish tasks? There is a better way! 

Amy will discuss concrete strategies you can include in your current interventions to help your clients grow up into self-determined adults. In addition to getting them engaged and motivated, higher levels of self-determination are correlated with positive school, employment and independent living outcomes. This webinar will introduce you to the Questioning Mindset, a child-led approach that can easily be incorporated into your individual, small group and whole class sessions. You will learn how to use the 5 Questions and multiple strategies of this approach to help your pediatric clients achieve self-satisfaction as they reach their goals in meaningful life activities.

Closed Captioned in English!

BONUS: PRACTICAL TOOLKIT - Chart: The Questioning Mindset; Song and Lesson Plan: Creating a Plan

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