Neurodiversity-Affirming Tools and Strategies

How can we be effective providers of related services for our neurodivergent students in a way that honors their differences in thinking and processing?

In this seminar, Peggy will describe how providing neurodiversity-affirming approaches is the key! She will share the latest literature on neurodiversity, ableism, and explicit and implicit biases. You will learn what autistic and other neurodivergent adults want us to know about therapy approaches for children. She will discuss a framework of neurodiversity-affirming approaches based on the social model of disability, the Universal Design for Learning (UDL), and current evidence on the effectiveness of OT, PT, and SLP interventions.

Peggy will then guide you through a self-reflection on your own practice to provide you with concrete tools and strategies to enrich your toolkit. She will list assessment tools that can yield your client’s strengths, preferences, and interests. She will share tips for creating neurodiversity-affirming goals.

Finally, you will learn about evidence-supported therapy interventions that you can utilize to help your clients achieve their goals while honoring their differences and personhood.

Leave this course with tools you can use the very next day, from assessment to goals and interventions. Closed Captioned in English.

BONUS: PRACTICAL TOOLKIT - 12 Self-Reflection Questions from Assessment to Goal Writing and Interventions; Resources, including links to assessment tools

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