Screening for a Student’s Need for School-based Services

What do you do when you receive a referral to screen a student for school-based OT or PT? Are you wondering how to perform the screening and when to recommend strategies in class or a full evaluation?

In this seminar, Karen will provide you with the 6 Steps for Screening and Decision-Making. She will provide a sample screening form that will help you obtain relevant information from teachers. She will describe how to collaborate with teachers in observations, analysis, planning, and monitoring the use of meaningful strategies to help students. She will share the 2 critical questions to ask, and an accompanying “traffic light” system of decision-making to help you decide whether strategies are needed for the whole class, strategies are needed for a specific student only, or when to recommend a full evaluation. She will then share with you 3 case studies of OT/PT referrals to demonstrate the applications of the step-by-step decision-making process that lead to different outcomes.

Leave the course with tools, strategies, and an organized approach for referrals for school-based OT and PT services!

Closed Captioned in English

BONUS: PRACTICAL TOOLKIT – OT and PT Referral and Screening Form

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