Screening & Strategies for Vision Deficits in Children

Do you work with children you suspect of having vision deficits that affect their function? Are you wondering what symptoms to watch out for, how to screen for deficits, and what you can do to help them? 

This course will help you be a more effective therapist by knowing what to do when you think vision is responsible for impeding your pediatric client’s progress toward their goal! Daniella will start by differentiating vision from sight. You will then learn the impacts of vision on development and learning, as well as for specific diagnoses. To make the understanding of the visual system and its functions more concrete, she will discuss its 3 important components using the analogy of a “Camera” – the Lens, the Focus, and the Film. 

In this seminar, Daniella will focus on the important functions of the “Camera” Lens (visual acuity) and the Focus (eye teaming, visual field, eye focusing, and eye tracking – pursuits and saccades). She will share with your symptoms to look out for that are red flags for potential deficits in any of these functions. You will then learn screening tools that will prompt you with the need to refer and/or provide interventions. She will provide you with ideas for adaptations that can support your client’s function right away. You will also gain fun and practical activities that you can provide families that they can easily integrate into their daily activities to promote their child’s vision development.

Leave this course with multiple tools and ideas that you can apply right away!

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