The Self-Determination 

Strategy Toolkit

Are you trying to combat learned helplessness in your pediatric clients? Are they unmotivated to participate in their therapy and in real life?

Children with disabilities are provided with few opportunities to make personal choices, solve problems, or pursue meaningful goals, leading to learned helplessness and diminished quality of life. Research has shown that autonomy-supportive interventions promote motivation, engagement, and success at home and in school.

To this end, Amy will provide you with a Self-Determination Strategy Toolkit that includes 10 easy-to-use strategies that you can choose from and incorporate into your sessions right away to promote self-determination and combat learned helplessness! You will learn the evidence behind each strategy and how to implement them. She will describe how to select and combine the right strategies using multiple case studies. 

Time to promote children’s problem-solving and decision-making skills with these 10 strategies. Build their autonomy, motivation, and engagement now!

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