Using “Routines” as a Therapy Tool

Are you struggling connecting with your clients to identify meaningful goals and design interventions that are carried over at home and/or in school? This webinar gives you the tools you need to shift your practice to include a routines-based approach to your assessment and intervention planning, whether you are practicing virtually or in-person. What does a routines-based approach really look like? Jen will walk you through 5 easy steps of a “Time of Day” (routines-based) approach. Participants will immerse themselves into a video of Jen engaged in routines-based conversations with families and teachers to explore critical natural “time of day” activities. Jen will reference tools such as the Routines-Based Interview, the SATIRE, and the School Function Assessment as options to assist with structuring a routines-based approach to assessment for occupational, physical, and speech therapists across practice settings and age ranges. Participants will learn to use results of the conversations and assessment to conduct targeted observations, create functional goals and design evidence-informed interventions that support adherence to carryover and meaningful life outcomes. Strengthen your relationships with your current clients! And start it right with your future clients!

Closed Captioned in English!

BONUS: PRACTICAL TOOLKIT - Worksheets for 5 Steps of the Time of Day Approach; Resources: Websites and Must-Reads

BONUS VIDEOS: Deeper Dive into Evidence-Informed Strategies; Overcoming Barriers to the Time of Day Approach for Schools; Additional Clips of Time of Day Conversations; Early Intervention Case Example of Time of Day Conversations

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